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Since we were established in 2022, Lambton Rowing Club has had its goal of giving opportunity to those who deserve it most, offering the delights of rowing to all aspects of the community. Our family has grown to a community of 52 and would love to welcome more with open arms. 

We offer a safe social time, for our members to enjoy themselves around the people who support them the most. to let off a little steam in style.  

We are connected with Parkview Academy Of Sport to offer further opportunities to those who dare to achieve. 

Session Plans 

WE offer a range of talent pathways, to allow your to reach your rowing goals 


Learn Too Row 

We have four learn to row coaches that specials in making rowing as easy as possible to learn, allowing you to enjoy your new hobby with your friends. 


Social/ traditional 

With 9 coaches, we can provide a safe environment to were you can enjoy your hobby whilst being around family and friends. 

We have grown the club into an environment that all can enjoy. 


Elite Section 

Coaches with over 30 years experience and athletes representing the country, this is the perfect place for athletes to reach the next step. As a club, we believe that giving the best opportunity to those who want it, is the best achievement a club can have.  

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